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Giving Back - A Thank You to Sick-Kids

As part of the giving back program Tower Coffee was able to donate coffee to The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) staff. SickKids and the other hospitals in Toronto are a huge asset to the city, providing hundreds and thousands of children with medical care from minor injuries to some...

The Right Glass for the Right Drinks.

Most glasses are specially designed to show of a designated beverage to the best of their ability or to enhance the drink, while also catering to the needs and wants of the consumer. Some glasses, (especially wine glasses), can actually make the drink taste different based off the shape of...

The Combi Oven

The Combi Oven was first invented in the 1960’s and has quickly become one of the most popular choices for ovens in the food service industry. A Combi Oven is an oven that uses steam, convection, and a combination of both, to cook various foods to perfection. It uses the...

Quality Products or Customer Service?

How customer service impacts business, and brings repeat customers.

Restaurant Renovation Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Ensuring the No Surprises Approach to your cafe or restaurant renovation.

Post Covid Industry Recovery

Industry News - Where You Are Today vs Tomorrow

Outfitting Your Commercial Kitchen

What you need to know about outfitting your commercial kitchen.

Why Glass & Plateware Matters

Tableware has long been the topic of discussion as to the why and why not for decades. Does it matter? Given the fact that companies like Arc Cardinal have been revolutionizing glassware since it created Fully Tempered Glass in 1958 under the name Arcoroc Professional it suffices to say that...

Giving Back - Our Commitment to EMS & Paramedics

Paramedics & Giving Back

Commercial Grade Food Equipment

Opening a new restaurant or new location and getting a clear understanding of exactly what you need and what you are getting can be painful daunting task. The price of commercial grade equipment is more expensive (sometimes by a significant amount) and can be a shock especially for new operators....

The Top Five Food Equipment Dealers in Ontario

Top Five Ontario Equipment Dealers

Post Covid Things to Worry About

Post Covid  - The real things to be concerned about and what you can do about it.