Restaurant Renovation Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Restaurant Renovation Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Renovating your restaurant requires research, time, and proper budgeting to achieve the results you want. You need to consider several crucial aspects, which is why hiring a reputable project management company is often beneficial. Doing so can ensure you get it right the first time. Also, learning about several common renovation mistakes will help make the process easier and help you get the best outcome for your business. 

1) Not having a clear vision on what you want. 

Renovation projects require making detailed plans that include every detail. You need to have vision and a willingness to execute your plan. When renovating a restaurant, it is important that things are done efficiently in order to get your business back up and running as soon as possible. Efficient work achieves maximum productivity with minimum wasted downtime or expense. You need to know exactly what you want and how much you are willing to sacrifice to get it! 

2) Slow Decision Making 

Slow decision making causes delays. There are many small decisions to be made that require immediate attention. Delays waste both time and money for everyone. It is best to plan out every aspect of your renovation from start to finish before you even start. Do not let indecision slow your project down, have an answer ready for every possible decision. Delays are the enemy of progress and there will be unforeseen items that arise and can often invole some extra expense. Be prepared to either pay for extra's or give up something in the initial scope to stay on budget.

3) Not Setting Clear Expectations With Your Contractor

You and your selected contractor are both concerned with costs and profitability. Be as specific as possible with your expectations to avoid potential conflicts. Often for the sake of getting a professional to agree to a budget expectations are left vague and then lead to conflict and ultimately unsuccessful project execution.

4) Unrealistic/Unreasonable Budgets

One of the biggest renovation mistakes is not having a proper budget. It is best to know how much you are willing to spend and an estimate of what the items you want will cost before starting so you can plan accordingly.

Always discuss your budget with your Project Manager and Contractors to ensure what you want is possible and within your budget. It may also help to build some room into the budget in case of unexpected expenses such as additional plumbing, structural work, electrical upgrades, and more.


5) Improper Sequence of Tasks

Ensure that the preparations are done right and in sequence to ensure deadlines are met. Doing any needed fixes prior to finishing will save both money and time. Back tracking due to lack of planning or unexpected fixes due to design change during the process can be fatal to any project timeline.


6) Plan For The What If's

- What if i can't open on time or have to stay closed for longer?

- What if I fall out with my contractor?

- What if I need to stop the project part way through due to unforeseen circumstances? 


7) Payment Delays or Holding Back Payments Unnecessarily

Holding back or delaying payments to your contractor or suppliers can be fatal.  A single days payment delay can easily cost you a week or more. Trades are in high demand and if you are late on payments they will be quickly reassigned to another project. Contractors typically have to pay for supplies and trades up front or long before the client sees any visual results. It's best to understand that the majority of professionals that you engage to help you on your project whether it be for Design, Project Management or execution of tasks on your project have the best intentions of completing your project in a professional and timely manner.


*** Ensure That You Take The No Surprises Approach ***


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