Post Covid Industry Recovery

Post Covid Industry Recovery

The era of Pandemic restrictions is fast coming to an end. In Ontario it has been announced that the mask mandate will be lifted as of Monday March 21st just in time for Spring to arrive!

The Pandemic has changed the world forever. The industry has drastically changed and evolved over the last two years. Fine Dining is making a comeback but Fast Casual and QSR are still seeing slow growth in segments of the market.

We predict the recovery to be slow and steady. Supply chain is a challenge in every industry and necessitates the need to evaluate. Evaluation of what equipment you will need in both the short and long term are of the utmost importance when planning from both a financial and procurement perspective.

With the labor market in flux investing in equipment that is not too large for where you are today but at the same time increases employee satisfaction and doesn't limit you in the future is critical.

Now is the time to evaluate your sustainable business model. As referred to in one of the past Restaurant Canada webinars it's more than just looking at LTO's (Limited Time Offers) or Menu items to determine what you want to focus on today, it's where you want to be tomorrow that's the question.

Ask questions, if you don't currently have a peer group that you can confide in get one started as soon as possible, it doesn't need to be formal but you need some trusted advisors that want to see you succeed.

There is hope on the horizon and optimism towards the future is growing, grow with it! 


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