The Combi Oven

The Combi Oven

The Combi Oven was first invented in the 1960’s and has quickly become one of the most popular choices for ovens in the food service industry. A Combi Oven is an oven that uses steam, convection, and a combination of both, to cook various foods to perfection. It uses the steam setting to add moisture to the cooking process to ensure that foods such as vegetables, fish, and chicken don’t dry out. The convection oven uses dry heat and is especially great for cooking pastries, breads, casseroles, etc. The magic however comes when both steam and convection are used to cook food to perfection while also allowing chefs to adjust the moisture and temperature to their liking.



  • Uses Less Space: One of the biggest advantages of this oven is that it limits the space needed in a kitchen because it provides a convection oven and steamer in one.
  • Sizing Options: It also comes in various sizes including mini, tabletop, and floor model, allowing you to choose what oven best suits your needs.
  • Gas or Electric: Another amazing option is that the combi oven can be purchased as either a gas run oven or an electric run oven, allowing you to choose the easier and more convenient choice for your kitchen.
  • Programmable Menus: This feature allows you to perfect your cooking recipes directly into the oven to allow easy, fast, and guaranteed perfection in your cooking.
  • Optional Features: As Combi Ovens continue to evolve, new features are added. Some of the most popular options include, a grease managing pump, a ventless hood system, additional browning controls, and the option of dial or touch screen.


  • Costly to Purchase: The biggest obstacle with the Combi oven is that the upfront cost is very high. If it seems higher than normal, try looking at the financing options offered and the different sizes. Also keep in mind that a gas combi oven will be slightly cheaper than the electric one.
  • Maintenance: Another drawback with the Combi oven is that it requires more frequent cleaning than most ovens. It is recommended that the oven be wiped out daily to avoid build up, which shouldn’t take too much time.


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