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Vulcan 36S-6B Endurance Gas Range


The Vulcan 36S-6B gas range is powered by natural gas and has six 30,000 open top burners. Since each of the burners have a lift-off head, access is provided for cleanup and maintenance. To reduce gas usage and save energy, the shrouded flash tube pilot system has one pilot every two burners. The front grates easily lift off, while the rear grates are large enough to accommodate large pans, stock pots, and more. Structure is added to the grates’ fingers with aeration bowls, and they also help direct heat to pots and pans for efficient, even heating.

The oven in the base of the Vulcan 36S-6B gas range has a temperature range of 250 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Delicate products can be prepared in this unit thanks to its low temperature setting. Because it is made of porcelain, the oven’s bottom and door panel is easy to clean. The heavy-duty door construction is perfect for commercial use.

Product Details

  • (6) 30,000 BTU open top burners have lift-off heads to offer easy access for cleanup and maintenance
  • Shrouded flash tube pilot system has 1 pilot per 2 burners to reduce gas usage to save energy and money
  • 12-in. x 1212-in. front grates easily lift off
  • 12-in. x 1412-in. rear grates accommodate large pots and pans
  • Grates are heavy duty to support commercial use
  • Aeration bowls add structure to the grates and accurately direct heat
  • Burner knobs stay cool while cooking to reduce the risk of burns
  • Crumb tray has welded corners and an extra deep design to capture crumbs and other messes
  • Cleaning after cooking is simple since the crumb tray collects grease and particles
  • Fully MIG-welded aluminized steel frame provides structure
  • Durability is added since the high shelf, backriser, front, and sides are constructed of stainless steel
  • 6-in. stainless steel legs are adjustable for uneven floors
  • 215,000 BTU