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Vulcan 1GR65M Gas Fryer


The Vulcan 1GR65M gas fryer has a stainless steel cabinet and fry tank that resists scratching, denting, and damage. The tank has a 65- to 70-pound frying capacity to accommodate your highest demand times. When it comes to draining the old oil out, the unit has a 114-inch, full-port, ball-type drain valve to make the process easy. The twin fry baskets each have a plastic-coated handle to prevent burn injuries. The five heat exchanger tubes are positioned for easy cleaning. The tank brush, stainless steel crumb scoop, and clean-out rod are all included to make cleaning the tank much easier. When the unit becomes overheated, the fryer will shut off the gas and pilot light for safety. Heated by propane gas, the Vulcan 1GR65M gas fryer produces 150,000 BTUs per hour.

Product Details

  • Heated by propane (LP) gas
  • Stainless steel fry tank is durable for long-term use
  • Capacity of 65-70 lbs.
  • Cleaning out the tank is easy with the included tank brush, crumb scoop, and clean-out rod
  • Millivolt thermostat behind the door controls the temperature, with a range of 200-400 degrees F
  • Cabinet is stainless steel to resist damage
  • Twin fry baskets with plastic coated handles to prevent injuries
  • 5 heat exchanger tubes are positioned so cleaning is easier
  • High-limit shut off
  • Combination gas shut-off and pilot safety system will shut off the gas and pilot light if something goes wrong
  • 4 adjustable, 6-in. casters included, 2 with locks
  • 114-in. full port ball-type drain valve
  • Ventilation system is required when using this unit
  • 150,000-BTU output
  • Overall Dimensions: 21 in. W x 3018 in. D x 4718 in. H