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Bunn Canada

CO2 Regulator (for Bunn Refresh DWSUC)


The primary CO2 Regulator Kit is assembled for locations that have limited space but still require a CO2 pressure regulator for their BUNN refresh water dispenser. The regulator is designed to be installed directly onto a high-pressure CO2 cylinder and to connect the regulator to the water dispenser.


  • A two gauge regulator tells you both the pressure going into the water dispenser and how much CO2 is left in your cylinder
  • A CO2 shut-off valve with ball check prevents any backflow to the regulator
  • Includes one (1) double gauge primary CO2 regulator with 6 feet line assembly and fittings for connecting the regulator to the machine
  • A built-in gasket (where the regulator connects to the CO2 tank), eliminates the need for washers
  • Includes a pressure adjustment screw for setting the required pressure to the water dispenser