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Brunner Anliker

Anliker L


The latest vegetable cutter made by Brunner-Anliker! State-of-the-art materials and technology ensure highest reliability and availability in restaurants, snack bars, catering industry, and in institutions and hospitals where the main focus is on hygiene.

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  • Output of up to 220 kg/h
  • NEW: 45 % larger than average hopper insert and cutting volume
  • Machine stand and upper part made from patented glass fibre composite with embedded silver ions for more hygiene
  • Drawing cut prevents the loss of nutrients and vitamins and ensures the cut products stay fresher for longer
  • Approx. 50 different slicing options
  • World first – antimicrobial and HACCP-friendly cutting discs made from glas fibre composite
  • No risk of oxidation and deformation of the discs in the dishwasher
  • Simple, switchless operation
  • Optimum user comfort thanks to ergonomically correct 45-degree position
  • Maintenance-free and service-free induction motor and gear unit
  • Five-year warranty on motor and gear unit