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Hatco GRAH48 Strip Heater


Holding food at safe serving temperatures, the Hatco GRAH-48-120-T-QS Glo-Ray® infrared foodwarmer uses a pre-focused heating pattern to cover a large surface. Since the reflector is resistant to blackening, it keeps the heating pattern even and consistent without cold spots. To protect staff members from the intense heat from element, there are wire guards built in underneath. Insulation in the aluminum housing minimizes heat loss. This Hatco GRAH-48-120-T-QS Glo-Ray infrared foodwarmer is easy to operate with a simple on/off toggle switch.

Product Details

  • Keeps cooked food at safe serving temperatures but does not continue to cook it or remove moisture
  • Pre-focused heating pattern covers the entire holding surface while ensuring there are no cold spots
  • Reflector does not blacken to provide an even, consistent heating pattern
  • Wire guards sit under the heating element and protect user from burns
  • Insulation is built into the housing for reduced heat loss
  • Aluminum housing has strength for commercial use and will not sag
  • Built-in toggle switch allows the operator to easily turn the unit on and off
  • Stainless steel mounting tabs are pre-assembled for quick installation