Post Covid Things to Worry About

Post Covid Things to Worry About

Post covid, what are the real things to be concerned about?

1) Work Environment - Covid has changed things forever, from how we look at things to the work environment we want to be part of. The good news there are some easy fixes. Lets be realistic, everyone has a personal agenda or mission that they are on, it's how well that fits into the work environment that matters. Ask your employees what is really important to them.

2) Supply Chain - From food to equipment, its some what of an unpredictable economy. Be open minded, support local can have an upside where there is a more direct relationship and in most cases a more predictable way to manage your goods and menu items.

3) The New Reality - Covid for many was a reset button, I think for a number of us in a good way. Has it been challenging? Yes! Has there been a negitives from the lack of social interaction over lockdowns? Yes, but we need to confront the new reality of how things work. People in general are more cautious, they have had time to research, explore and in some cases study new areas of expertise.

4) Reconnecting - Suppliers have changed, customers have changed and even personal relationships have changed. Don't assume that you can pick up where you left off. Every new discussion is an exploratory conversation, possible what was needed pre-covid is no longer a need. Be kind, people need to be heard and may have new needs that nobody but themselves are aware of.

Remember to be human, most of us have had life changing experiences over the last year and may still need to build a new support group. Be a friend and in the words of Waldo the Wingman make sure that you have someone's six o'clock! Some day you will need someone to have yours.


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