Commercial Grade Food Equipment

Commercial Grade Food Equipment

Opening a new restaurant or new location and getting a clear understanding of exactly what you need and what you are getting can be painful daunting task.

The price of commercial grade equipment is more expensive (sometimes by a significant amount) and can be a shock especially for new operators. There is a lot of equipment choices (outside the supply chain issues) and quality ranges significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Here are the general basics of what you need to know about the three basic classes of equipment;

Entry Level - Often for start ups or low volume ventures these items will last from  five to ten years. Typically not as heavy duty construction or in a number of cases imported products that are truly suited to very tight budget projects or circumstances where a five year life span is acceptable.

Restaurant Grade - Restaurant grade food equipment is typically a step up not the entry level and often is a "Made In North America" with longevity or harsher use environments where it is key that the product can withstand more use. In the case of gas fired appliances some of these are also more efficient and also come with an Energy Star rebate which can help off-set the higher initial cost.

Professional Series - Applications like hotels and convention centers that can have a kitchen running almost 24/7 often opt for the professional series that gives them not only durability but also a custom kitchen look and feel as these appliances are typically designed to work in sets or as a modular system. The advantage of this series is that typically they minimize or eliminate the gaps between equipment pieces and are made to last.

There are many other considerations and you may want to dedicate some time on ensuring that your project is carefully planned to meet both your budget and expectations.


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