5 Women-Owned Hospitality Businesses Making a Difference in the Industry

5 Women-Owned Hospitality Businesses Making a Difference in the Industry

Happy Women's Day! Today is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the amazing women who have made such a huge impact in the hospitality industry. From small-scale entrepreneurs to large-scale business owners, women have been an important part of the development within the hospitality sector. 

1. Schiroso Gluten Free Foods

Pierangela Schiroso founded Schiroso Gluten-Free Foods in 2019 after years of creating and refining her famous gluten-free dough. Born and raised in southern Italy, Pierangela pursued her studies in the culinary arts. Their facility is completely gluten-free, soy-free and nut-free with no additives or preservatives. To learn more, visit Schiroso at 40 Winges Road, Unit 2, Vaughan, Ontario or online at https://www.schirosoglutenfreefoods.com/. 

2. Café Alexandra 

Café Alexandra was founded by Jacquie Moore and named after her daughter Alexandra.  From its beginnings in 2019, Café Alexandra continues to provide truly healthy food options in a relaxing environment. They prepare local, quality and mostly organic food that is made fresh every day, while also offering food sensitive options such as gluten free, and vegan meals. Visit them at 555 William Graham Dr, Aurora, Ontario!


3. Food Inspired 

Liza is thrilled to be spearheading Food Inspired in Port Hope, Ontario -  a fresh food market, with in-dining café services serving fresh and un-fussy meals, based on what’s local, in season and available in the market. Daily, guests enjoy drinks from the coffee bar and a selection of sweet and savory treats from the bakery to complement their food shopping. For those who prefer to cook at home, there are a variety of premade meals. Liza recently retired from a global role in the insurance software industry and in March 2021 she acquired Food Inspired as her next big venture. Traveling the world introduced Liza to a wide array of food concepts and she welcomed the opportunity to bring unique, engaging, grocery meets restaurant concepts to Canada. Visit them online at   www.foodinspiredph.com

4. Espresso 21 

Espresso 21 is located at 159E Main St Unionville, ON L3R 2G8, in downtown Toronto. This beautiful café is owned and operated by Kit Chau, and offers a range of freshly baked treats, from decadent pastries to wholesome breads, all made from the finest ingredients. Whether you're in the mood for a sweet indulgence or a satisfying savory snack, they have something for everyone. 


5. Tower Coffee

This specialty coffee roaster located in Toronto is owned by Janice Corney. Tower Coffee is all about coffee culture and providing their clients with premium quality coffee. The team of specialist is committed to creating great customer experiences and providing a high level of service and education to their high-end café and restaurants clients. Tower Coffee is also happy to give back to the community whenever possible. Shop coffee online here or visit their showroom at 40 Winges Road, Unit 3, Vaughan, Ontario.