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ITV SPIKA N160A Undercounter Ice Maker


The SPIKA series is made using a revolutionary system for water distribution, patented by ITV, allows water to 'cascade" over the entire evaporator, allowing SPIKA cubes to take form perfectly.

The Vertical Plate Evaporator, specially designed by ITV's engineers is much more energy efficient than others, resulting in lower operating cost and greater savings, while maintaining the utmost environmental friendliness.

SPIKA Series are Energy Star qualified machines, reducing electricity as well as water consumption.

  • 81 lb Ice Storage Capacity
  • Available in Half Cube or Full Cube
  • Patented spray nozzle; eliminates calcareous build up for solid, clear ice
  • Dynamic ice production constantly circulates water forming thin layers that prevent trapping gases
  • Very low noise level on all parts in contact with water
  • Electromechanical controls are simple, offering high reliability with low maintenance expenses
  • Dual switch controls featuring an external on/off switch
  • Strong stainless steel box-type inox frame
  • Easy access to all components for faster service and installation
  • 100% front ventilation, air inflow and outflow through the front grill
  • Polyurethane foam insulated storage bin