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ITV Gala NG 75A Under Counter Ice Machine


The ITV Gala NG 75 is an undercounter ice machine from ITV, a manufacturer who specializes in one thing only: making great ice machines. This ice machine will give you Gourmet, European-style ice cubes, which are rounded and elegant. You'll get around 59 pounds of ice per day (depending on your location's environment) and it has 24 pounds of storage available.

A patented feature of the Gala NG 75 is ITV's nozzle spray system, which is going to avoid any limescale build up and will create a pure, crystal clear ice cube every time. And the way this machine makes ice is by constantly circulating the water, so that the ice is gradually built up in thin layers, which will avoid any trapped gas in the ice. And this machine is very quiet, because all of the parts that come into contact with water have been designed to have very little friction.

  • Cube style: European Gourmet, full cube style
  • Daily production: 46 - 59 pounds
  • Storage: 24 pounds
  • 16 inches wide
  • Air cooled