Our Company

SFI Hospitality, Coffee, Food Service Equipment Toronto, Chef SupplySince it's beginnings in 1987 SFI has built a reputation for integrity in the Food Service Industry.

Overtime SFI has evolved to become a Specialty Beverage and Equipment supplier focused on ensuring that the final client experience is one of excellence. With a wide range of local and global contacts, SFI Food Group continues to bring new and trending products to the Food Service Industry.

Why Choose SFI Hospitality

The team at SFI is comprised of an experienced team of professionals committed to the supply of quality beverage and equipment products. Our client experience is at the forefront of everything that we do to ensure that they get the quality of products they deserve. From years of working with some of the finest food service professionals we have gathered expertise that allows us to service our many loyal clients by adapting to market conditions.

Here is what they say:

"SFI has been a reliable partner of quality products at reasonable prices and we would highly recommend them as an excellent supplier to any food service establishment that values quality and consistency. Their team is great to deal with and their delivery system is solid." - Diego Q.

"SFI is a key business partner and has proven to be not only a reliable supplier but a solutions provider." - Andrew V.

Orders, Delivery & Contact Information

We are open for business Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 5:00pm.

59 Torbarrie Road
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M3L 1G5

Phone: (416) 744-0606
General Enquiries: admin@sfifoods.ca 
Web: www.sfifoods.ca